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  • Guardianship, Trusteeship, and Estate Planning: Navigating the Right Path

    As an estate planning lawyer, I often talk to clients who are assisting their loved ones with their personal or financial decisions. This can be a very stressful task for family members, made no easier by the many pieces of literature and generalized advice around “personal directives”, “powers of a … Read more »

  • Divorce and Estate Planning: Is this really the end?

    It is very common for spouses, whether married or “common-law” (in Alberta, this is called “adult inter-dependent partners), to visit a lawyer together to develop their estate plan. Indeed, most couple’s estate plans (ignoring complexities raised by blended families) simply appoint each other to be … Read more »

  • Government of Alberta Grazing Leases

    MAY 30, 2016 Updated NOVEMBER 1, 2020 A provincial grazing lease is a common interest in land with specific rules for transfer/assignment. Often Crown lands are declared to be available to the public and leases are granted. Once issued, however, they become very valuable assets and can be willed to … Read more »

  • Legal Status Changes Ahead for Unmarried Couples

    At the end of 2018, the Alberta government passed the Family Statutes Amendment Act.  Among the notable changes brought in with the Act were new rules that will affect unmarried couples who live together.  The Act specifies when unmarried couples will be deemed to be in a ‘common law’ relationship a … Read more »

  • Ho-Ho-Hold it Right There: Event Planning in the Wake of #Metoo

    Three in ten.  That’s how many people have reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce according to a November 2017 survey by the Canadian Federal Government[1]. What we can safely assume is that the number of people actually experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace is even highe … Read more »