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  • #100: Clients Want 5 Things, But What’s the Most Important?

    Client satisfaction can make or break your law firm. We live by our reputations and word-of-mouth referrals. And we’ve all had to deal with a dissatisfied client at some point. So, what do clients really want, and how can we give it to them? We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, you know […] … Read more »

  • #99: 6 Things That Will Inspire Your Teams & Your Clients

    Imagine hosting a cocktail party for potential clients and hearing everyone describe your law firm inconsistently. Without a clear, consistent message, you put a lot at risk. Your team isn’t aligned around a central mission They don’t know where they’re headed and lack motivation They can’t succinct … Read more »

  • #98: Your Law Firm…Made Simpler

    You’ve heard us say this before, but it takes more than good lawyering to run a successful law firm. There’s a whole raft of skills that law school didn’t teach you. Well, today I want to share some really exciting news with you. After using the Business Made Simple online learning platform for over … Read more »

  • #97: It Takes More Than Being a Great Lawyer to Build a Healthy Law Firm

    You are a lawyer, not a business person, right? Wrong!! It takes more than good lawyering to build a successful law firm where you practice on your own terms and have time for the life you want. But law school didn’t teach you the business and practice management skills you need. Instead, you’re ove … Read more »

  • #96: 5 Step Marketing Plan – Attract the Right Clients to Your Practice

    Summer can be slow. You take holidays, clients take holidays, and before you know it, September is upon you and your phone isn’t ringing. Without consistent business development efforts, it can feel like your practice has taken a holiday…and that means your finances can take a hit. It’s time to ramp … Read more »