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  • Reclaim Your Time: Are You Ready to Find More Time in Your Day?

    Imagine if you could find an extra hour in your day, every day. I know life gets busy and commitments are many. It can seem like there’s no way out from under it all. Let me share Karen’s story. When she ran her solo practice she did all the tasks. If something had to get done, she did it. That mean … Read more »

  • You Want to Save Time…But How Much Time Can You Invest?

    Have you ever thought about fixing a routine annoyance or eliminating an extra step in your work, and decided it wasn’t worth the effort? After all, it just takes 30 seconds…right? Wrong…you need to spend time to save time. Want to watch this tip instead?  I get it. Spending time-solving a routine p … Read more »

  • You Made It! Resolutions You Can Keep!

    You did it! You survived one of the most difficult years in recent memory and you made it to 2021. Take a moment to feel grateful for everything you learned and accomplished in 2020; this is what’s going to propel you and your practice forward in the new year! Want to watch this tip instead? Earlier … Read more »

  • You Made It! 2020 is almost over [FREE GIFT]

    When times are tough, it can be tempting to let the hard things dominate our thinking. We’re approaching the end of an unprecedented year. But as we reflect on the year that was 2020, we need to find ways to be grateful for the small pockets of joy amid the challenges. In the midst of a pandemic, an … Read more »

  • Top Productivity Tip for 2021: Learn to Say NO

    Do you find it hard to say no when a client, colleague, or even an acquaintance asks you for something? Are your days full of tasks and obligations you don’t even want to be doing, while your own priorities get pushed to the back burner?  This week, we’re sharing our number one, top productivity tip … Read more »