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  • 5 Things. Consider this.

    Fixing the bugs in the legal profession. Much of what ails the legal profession can be fixed.  Here are 5 places to start. Leadership training and coaching for partners.  Being smart, senior, or a big earner is not an excuse to be toxic. Stay on top of proven leadership skills and styles effective a … Read more »

  • Life in Law – interview

    In March 2020, right as our world was turned upside down by the pandemic a new and important initiative was launched – Life in Law. Founded by two partners, Kim Jakeman and Una Radoja both with the Vancouver-based law firm Harper Grey LLP, Life in Law (LiL) is a complimentary service designed to giv … Read more »

  • Protected: Boosting Resilience – Webinar recording with resources

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  • Webinar: Bolstering Resilience

    Feeling like you could use an added dose of resilience? You are not alone. The many challenges lawyers are facing these days are raising stress levels and draining energy reserves. We have experienced unprecedented challenges in our professional and personal lives during this pandemic. We face more … Read more »