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  • Top 3 Steps to Prevent Other Businesses From Stealing Your Content

    I was contacted by a client who noticed an alarming trend. Others in her industry were copying text from her website. And not just bits and pieces. Entire descriptions of her services were lifted from her site and being used by others. These are other business owners who are not only in the same ind … Read more »

  • 3 Simple Ways Contracts Can Make You More Money

    Contracts can be confusing, long and not necessarily what you want to think about on a Friday night. Yet they are essential to protecting your business. They set out the price, scope, and all of the relevant terms and conditions for the sale. But they also do much more than that. When written correc … Read more »

  • When Do I Need A Contract For My Business?

    I recently wrote a blog about why every business needs legal contracts. Quite simply, a contract is essential to protecting your business. If you do not have a contract, you will have an uphill battle trying to prove what was agreed upon. The timing of that contract is also important to get right. W … Read more »

  • ALL CAPS In Legal Agreements – Why Are My Contracts YELLING AT ME?

    WHEN YOU READ THIS DOES IT MAKE YOU THINK I AM SHOUTING AT YOU? I promise, I am not! It’s technology etiquette 101 – you should not write in capital letters unless you want that person to think you are YELLING AT THEM. Text in all caps could mean a few things: (a) someone is really mad; (b) someone … Read more »

  • Get It In Writing: David vs. Goliath Edition

    I am forever preaching the importance of getting contracts in writing. How else can you prove what was agreed upon by the parties after the services have been provided? Sure, you can piece together email correspondence or try to think back to the conversation you had with your client but having your … Read more »