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  • What are the Challenges of Going Solo?

    What are the Challenges of Going Solo? I often talk about the benefits of going solo. Hello flexibility, autonomy and picking and choosing your clients! But I also want to be straight with you. Going solo is not all rainbows and unicorns.   There is no steady paycheque.  It can be very isolating.  J … Read more »

  • When Should I Go Solo?

    When Should I Go Solo? There are so many different reasons lawyers go solo. They make the jump at every stage of their careers. New lawyers, mid-career lawyers, senior lawyers. When is the right time for YOU to go solo? For the vast majority of lawyers, there is no “right” time. Unfortunately, the s … Read more »

  • How Do I Take a Vacation As a Solo?

    How Do I Take a Vacation As a Solo?   Happy Summer!   Ahhh summer. The days are longer, the pace is (hopefully) a bit slower and it seems like everyone is getting ready to head out for vacation.    We all know the benefits of taking a break from work. Too often, as solos, we don’t take enough vacati … Read more »

  • The Biggest Secret to Writing a Killer Website Bio

    Lawyers’ website bios are typically not very entertaining. Actually, when you look at a few of them they start to all look the same. “Ms. Smith has extensive experience across a range of industries, including technology, finance, mining and pharmaceutical. Jane brings a practical, business solution … Read more »

  • 3 Ways to Win Work Through Referral Emails

    I have noticed a pattern in how lawyers land clients via referral emails. You know the emails where someone makes an email introduction to another lawyer (i.e. YOU!)  with a potential client? Those are the emails that I am referring to here.  I send a lot of these emails out to lawyers.  As a result … Read more »