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Information About The Law Garage

"As an extension of The Garage Series, this next project works to expand upon Paul M Cooper’s long-standing commitment of making continuing legal education accessible for everyone. Come in for your tune-up in the Law Garage and learn from leading professionals in the criminal bar. From the beginning of a police investigation to the trial or jury trial, gain insight into the working minds of experienced defence practitioners. For young lawyers: learn what they could not teach you in law school. For seasoned members of the criminal bar: come on in for your tune-up."

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  • Building a Practice and Dealing with the Media with Daniel Brown

    Daniel makes clear, “…one of the things you have to realize is you don’t get to control the media and that no matter how much or how thoughtful you are in saying the things that you’re saying, the journalist may choose to use all, some, none or take something potentially out of context. That’s the r … Read more »

  • Ethics and LSO’s Practice Management Helpline with Phil Brown

    Phil gives us advice on solicitor-client confidentiality when using the different types of client-management software available: “You need to look at their terms of service and their privacy policy because it is important to know where your information is stored. It is something you might consider a … Read more »

  • Ethical Lawyering and Dealing with the Law Society with Nadia Liva

    “I think if you practice with [this] at heart: The desire to not be so reckless, the desire to be careful, to reach out and to not be afraid of not knowing the answer to something, not being so prideful that you don’t want to ask. I think you end up getting a much better practice, you give better se … Read more »

  • Building a Reputation and Relationship with Your Client with Elham Jamshidi

    “The best way that I view myself is I’m the shield for my client. I’m their shield of protection, I’m their shield of armour. I want to protect them and defend them to the best of my ability…. If your lawyer doesn’t like you, how are you going to have your lawyer convince the judge to like you or th … Read more »

  • Building a Relationship with Your Client with Rudi Covre

    “You have to be transparent. Again, it goes back to setting realistic expectations with your client. You certainly don’t want to give them any false hope, but then again you don’t want to put them in a position where they are feeling so down-trodden and depressed over what’s going on that they lose … Read more »