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  • Employment Standards Legislation and Your Business

    Our earlier blog post stated that most employee-employer relationships are contractual. That’s true, but we also have to consider what kind of laws our legislators have put forward that affects those relationships!As a start-up, hiring an employee marks an exciting milestone in your business journey … Read more »

  • 2020 Personal Tax Changes in Canada

    This is a guest post from True North Accounting, a trusted partner of Goodlawyer. With knowledgeable CPAs and bookkeepers in Calgary and Okotoks, True North helps make life easier for small business owners with bookkeeping, accounting and tax advice. Their streamlined process and clear, all-in prici … Read more »

  • Examining Shareholders’ Agreements

    Starting, growing, and managing your business takes a lot of work. Take a look at any successful company out there and you’ll see that no one really was able to do it on their own!A lot of people have to come together to make something worth having. Oh, and working together isn’t all sunshine and ra … Read more »

  • Going Over a Typical Employment Agreement

    Most employee-employer relationships are contractual. Depending on the relationship, some agreements can be long and complex, while others are short and sweet.As a start-up, hiring an employee marks an exciting milestone in your business journey. You’re at the point where you may be growing quickly … Read more »

  • Employees or Independent Contractors?

    Most businesses and business owners require workers to perform various roles and different services either on a short term or long-term basis.The type of work classification established between a payer (one who pays for the service) and a worker (one who offers services for payment either as a worke … Read more »