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  • Conversations with the President: Beyond the CTAs

    For his final episode as host of Conversations with the President, CBA President Brad Regehr speaks with Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada and Dr Pamela Palmater, full Professor and Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University … Read more »

  • Discovering atypical careers in the law profession

    We are chatting with Julia Kingdon about the new Law Students Section video project 20 minutes, 5 minutes. We look over the different guests and their atypical career paths.Julia has an undergraduate degree in International Development, a master’s degree in Rhetoric and recently completed her Juris … Read more »

  • Exploring the CBA Truth and Reconciliation Toolkit For Firms

    An interview with Jennifer David to discuss the CBA Truth and Reconciliation Toolkit For Firms.Jennifer David (Chapleau Cree First Nation),  a skilled and experienced communicator, project manager, planner, facilitator and lead development of CBA Truth and Reconciliation Toolkit.To consult the CBA T … Read more »

  • Conversations on Call to Action 57 – Aboriginal-Crown relations

    In this episode, President Brad Regher will talk with two private lawyers who have dealt extensively with public servants in the course of their work. They discuss call to Action number 57 which calls for governments at all levels to educate civil servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples in Can … Read more »

  • Let's Talk Medical Assistance in Dying

    With our guest Shelley Birenbaum, we discuss the CBA’s influence on the implementation of Bill C-7 and the important updates to Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying legislation.Shelley Birenbaum is a member of the CBA’s End of Life Working Group and a health lawyer with the Ontario Bar for over 25 y … Read more »