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  • June 2021 Product Updates

    In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, walks you through the new Group reports, as well as showing you how to control your Q&A workflow. Take Control Of Your Q&A Narrative This month we’ve added new controls to help you better manage your Q&A workflow. When answering a question t … Read more »

  • Is Insurtech Having Its Moment?

    The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic cost insurers $55 billion, a staggering loss only eclipsed by Hurricane Katrina. And yet, in the shadow of that eclipse, the industry has undergone a historic transformation. Rapid digitization is taking place, one that is fuelling a hunger for innovation and … Read more »

  • May 2021 Product Updates

    In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, walks you through how to stage projects in Firmex and some of the powerful workflows you can leverage. Staging Projects in Firmex A staging project is a helpful collaboration environment where documentation can be prepared ahead of processes … Read more »

  • Survey: Upcoming Deal Volumes in the Middle Market, Q3 2021

    Welcome to the Deal Flow Bulletin Q3 2021 Survey Our Deal Flow Bulletin Survey asks questions regarding changes in deal volume, number of deals closing, and challenges for M&A in the middle market, alongside Firmex’s own forecast.  We would love it if you could participate and shed light on deal vol … Read more »

  • Making Sense of Adversity in the Due Diligence Process

    Disasters are aesthetically unappealing. Few things can compromise an organization’s appeal as an acquisition target quite like global instability. Disasters warp balance sheets and future performance projections. They turn assets into liabilities. They stunt growth and create gaps in a business’ st … Read more »