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  • How Much is an Injury Claim Worth?

    I’m often asked how much is the person’s claim worth when they first meet with me. Generally anyone that will tell you what your claim is worth on the first meeting is inexperienced or ill-informed (or both). The reason for this is that your family doctor will be unwilling to give a prognosis (i.e. … Read more »

  • Check for Special Resolutions Prior to Condo Purchases

    Condominium purchasers ought to satisfy themselves that the condominium they are about to purchase is not soon to be the subject of a Special Assessment cash call. Condominiums are directed by a Board of Directors and managed, most often, by a professional manager. The Board has a duty to ensure tha … Read more »

  • What You Need To Know About Alberta’s Car Insurance Changes

    Have you noticed your car insurance rates have gone up? But that’s not all, The UCP government in late 2020 brought in significant legal changes to how car accidents will be dealt with in Alberta (Bill 41). Here are some of the key highlights (lowlights) assuming that all are brought into force are … Read more »

  • Concussions – What to Know After Brain Injuries

    Car accidents can often result in trauma to the head as the forces of the collision move your head forward and then backwards into the seat headrest. Although we commonly refer to these injuries as a ‘concussion’, they are more technically a ‘traumatic brain injury’. Obviously this is something that … Read more »

  • What to do After You Suffer Head Injuries in a Car Accident

    When you are injured it’s imperative to have representation who will protect YOU. If you’ve ever been in a car accident, it is common to be immediately disoriented and in ‘shock’. The problem is that you are often in a poor position to determine whether it is simply ‘shock’ or something more serious … Read more »