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  • Legal Considerations When Selling A Dental Practice Seminar Oct 3&4, 2023

    Kutner Law LLP is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming seminars titled Legal Considerations When Selling A Dental Practice taking place in both Richmond Hill (October 3 rd , 2023) and Oakville (October 4 th , 2023)! For more information and details regarding time, location and regis … Read more »

  • Medical Professional Corporations: Is Incorporating Right for You?

    This article was originally posted on Dr.Bill Michael Kutner, partner at Kutner Law LLP, answers some common questions physicians have about incorporation: What is a medical corporation? Why would I want an MPC (Medical Professional Corporation)? What are the pros and cons of incorporating? What is … Read more »

  • GAAR and Tax Treaties

    Tax avoidance, a concept increasingly familiar to most developed countries, has assumed dominant presence in international taxation. The subject was the focus of the International Fiscal Association’s (IFA) Seoul Congress in 2018, which focused on the use of the general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR) to … Read more »

  • GAAR Clips Westminster’s Wings

    It is a fundamental principle of Anglo-Canadian law that a taxpayer is entitled to arrange his or her affairs to minimize tax. The frequently decision is the judgment of the House of Lords in the Inland Revenue Commissioners v. His Grace the Duke of Westminster [1936] A.C. 1 (U.K. H.L.), which was t … Read more »

  • The Westminster Principle

    The law says that a taxpayer is entitled to legally arrange her affairs to mitigate tax. Tax planning involves analysis of legislation and its judicial interpretation. Under our system of parliamentary supremacy, legislatures write laws, and courts interpret them. Tax planning has always stimulated … Read more »