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  • Harassment in the Workplace in Ontario

    Harassment in the Workplace in Ontario Are you a worker in Ontario and believe you have been the victim of workplace harassment? If so, this blog post is for you. Ontario has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know how to proceed and invo … Read more »

  • Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

    Why Choose Divorce Mediation? The decision to divorce is a difficult one. Divorce Mediation is an alternative to court hearings for couples who want to divide property, finances and parenting responsibilities. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons why mediation may be right for you. Allo … Read more »

  • Restraining Orders in Ontario

    Restraining Orders in Ontario A restraining order can help protect you or your loved ones from threats and violence. If you are fearful that someone will harm you, you can ask the court for a restraining order. Overview A restraining order can include limits and conditions such as [1]: What someone … Read more »

  • Why Is a Settlement Offer in Employment Law Litigation So Important?

    WHAT IS A SETTLEMENT OFFER? A settlement offer is an offer of money or property made by one of the people or organizations involved in a legal argument in an attempt to end the dispute without having to go to court. A settlement offer is a powerful tool to recover litigation expenses and avoid costl … Read more »

  • What happens to our kids during a divorce?

    What happens to our kids during a divorce? This may be the most pressing question for many parents who are going through a difficult transition period brought on by a divorce. For some, it can be an emotional roller coaster as they juggle custody arrangements and work out visitation schedules. But w … Read more »