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  • Strata Council Has Received a Bylaw Complaint, Now What?

    There is often confusion as to the strata council’s role when owners are in a dispute and the bylaws are involved. Common incorrect reactions from council are: This is a dispute between neighbours, council doesn’t want to get involved. The neighbours should just talk to each other and … Read more »

  • Bylaw Changes Can Affect How You Want to Use Your Strata Lot After You Buy

    Most (and hopefully all) people review the strata’s bylaws before they purchase the strata lot to make sure there aren’t any bylaws that will interfere with how they want to use the strata lot they are buying. But what happens when you buy a strata lot and the strata changes the bylaws (and they wer … Read more »

  • New Procedure for Appealing CRT Decisions

    Originally, anyone not happy with their CRT strata decision had to apply to the BC Supreme Court for leave to appeal the decision. As set out in my first post on this subject, there was a test to be met before the leave for appeal would be granted: (a) whether an issue raised by the claim or di … Read more »

  • Strata Loses Appeal re Insurance Deductibles

     In my previous post: Improperly Charging Insurance Deductibles to Owners, I discussed several cases in the Civil Resolution Tribunal regarding strata corporations charging insurance deductibles to owners. Since that post, the appeal of The Owners, Strata Plan BCS 1589 v Nacht, has be … Read more »

  • CRT Says Retroactive Fines Improper

     In a recent Civil Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) strata decision, a strata owner disputed fines levied against her for renting her strata lot out: Shen v The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 970, 2020 BCCRT 953. The strata was seeking to collect $19,500 in fines against the owner. In this case, the s … Read more »