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  • Kenney’s (Bombastic) Response to Biden Cancelling KXL’s Permit

    On January 20 when the rest of the world was congratulating President Biden on his inauguration, Jason Kenney was attacking Biden’s character and threatening trade wars because Biden revoked Trump’s executive order approving KXL. Not satisfied that he’d made his point, Kenney appeared on Fox TV and … Read more »

  • Jason Kenney Reverses Peter Lougheed’s Coal Policy

    Remember 2017 when Jason Kenney continually invoked Peter Lougheed’s name in his quest for the UCP leadership?   Well, it’s 2021 and Mr Kenney isn’t wrapping himself in Mr Lougheed’s mantle any longer. He’s ripping it to shreds.   Next week the Kenney government is going to court to defend its decis … Read more »

  • What Albertans Can Learn From the Attack on the Capitol

    Federal Judge Damon Keith said democracy dies in the dark, but as we’ve learned over the last four years, it can also die in broad daylight if it is abused by power-mad leaders like Donald Trump and, it should be noted, equally determined leaders like Jason Kenney. Trump tried to kill democracy with … Read more »

  • Jason Kenney: A Failure to Communicate?

    On Jan 1, 2021, Jason Kenney held a press conference to respond to the alarming news that some of his MLAs, political staff and senior government officials decided it was just fine to fly off to places like the UK, Mexico and Hawaii over the holidays notwithstanding the federal and provincial adviso … Read more »

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    The politicians are on break (thank god) and so are we. The Soapbox family and Rudy the rescue dog would like to wish you and yours a peaceful and happy holiday.    Those of you with a discerning eye will notice Rudy the rescue dog is plumper and furrier this year. But then again, aren’t we all. See … Read more »