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  • What Happens When an Employee is Wrongfully Terminated in Ontario?

    What you need to know about Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, termination pay, notice, and wrongful termination in Ontario. Wrongful Termination in Ontario Under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (“ESA“), when an employee is dismissed, they are entitled to working notice. The purpose of providing … Read more »

  • Can I Be Laid Off Due To COVID-19?

    What you need to know about COVID-19, temporary layoffs, constructive dismissal and wrongful termination in Ontario. When an employer wants to lay off an employee (even temporarily) they must include an express or implied term in their employment agreement giving them that right. If the employment c … Read more »

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Start a Business?

    The short answer is no. But having a dedicated small business lawyer involved from the start has numerous advantages. This blog post will provide 5 reasons why you should have a small business lawyer to help you start your business. If you need legal advice from a small business lawyer, book your fr … Read more »

  • Partnership Agreements in Ontario

    This blog post covers the basics of partnership agreements in Ontario and what you should know before you decide to do business with a partner. If you need legal advice from a small business lawyer, book your free legal consultation with Supply Law today. Book Now *Disclaimer: this guide is for info … Read more »

  • Can I Download a Contract From the Internet?

    The short answer is yes, if you’re asking whether your agreement will be legally binding. But the real question is, should I be downloading my contracts from the internet? The answer to that question is almost always no. This post will explain why. If you need legal advice from a small business lawy … Read more »