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  • Interview on AM770 January 22, 2021 Discussing the Possible Deportation of Jaskirat Sidhu the Driver in the Humboldt Tragedy

    Danielle Smith:Get to that though, we have another topic that we want to deal with. I feel I’m going to be off side was you guys all day today because I was sort of talking this over with my producersand there’s a story in the news about the Humboldt Broncos crash truck driver and whether he is goin … Read more »

  • Immigration Predictions 2021

    Ah January. The month of making resolutions and predictions. Perhaps neither exercise is of real value. If 20/20 has taught us anything is the futility of making predictions or assuming that the year will unfold as other years that have passed. Yet humans are creatures of habit and tradition. 2020 w … Read more »

  • Immigration Policy in the time of COVID-19 -November 6, 2020

    Mr. Marc Serré:     Great. Thank you very much. …     Mr. Sharma, you mentioned modernization, digitalization and biometrics.     The department has, especially with COVID now, realized the importance of this, but it’s been an issue over the last 20 years, and I want to ask you, because you touched … Read more »

  • Immigration Policy in the Time of COVID-19

    It was an honour appearing before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on November 6, 2020. As was the case in my previous appearance before this Parliamentary Committee (in 2017) I spoke just before Lorne Waldman -the Dean of Canadian immigration lawyers. Here are some of the respo … Read more »

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency for So Called Low Skilled Workers

    I appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on the impact of COVID-19 on our immigration system.  I made an opening statement and took questions regarding a pathway to permanent residency for so-called low skilled workers (revealed as front-line and essen … Read more »