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  • From Efforting to Activating… Reframing through the MIN-MAX Principle

    I was in a conversation with a client recently and they remarked how they were exhausted all the time and were struggling to recharge their depleted batteries. I asked them what felt like a simple question … ‘what might it feel like if you just let things be for a bit?’ She looked at me, […] Read more »

  • Lightening our Load

    This blog is dedicated to the care professionals … the ones who go the extra mile, who put the needs of others before their own, who feel compelled to do whatever it takes to help others achieve their full potential. Know anyone who fits this description? Over the past year, the team at Sport Law [… … Read more »

  • Understanding the psychology of loss…why we must do better.

    When we are bereaved, we feel ‘torn apart’. Words that often accompany our losses, both death and non-death related include ‘gutted, heartbroken, empty, dead inside, devastated, shocked.’ You won’t hear someone suffering through a loss speaking to the ‘gift of the experience’ or ‘grateful that this … Read more »

  • Sport Law and NOVA Global Inc Strike a Partnership to Support Sport Leaders

    June 30, 2021 – Sport Law is pleased to announce that seven members of our team are now certified in the use of the NOVA Profile, a psychometric tool that supports increased self-awareness, greater team synergy, and enhanced communications.  Sport Law has been integrating the NOVA Profile into many … Read more »

  • Generative Tension

    It feels like Phil Collins understands a thing or two about tension. It is not widely known that arguably his best solo song, “In the Air Tonight,” was written during the grief he felt after divorcing his first wife. He shared in an interview that he wrote the lyrics spontaneously and while he can’t … Read more »