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  • How to Contest a Will in Alberta

    How to Contest a Will in Alberta When people write wills, few imagine that problems will arise when it’s time to administer them. Yet disputes are extremely common and these happen for many reasons: from claims of mental incapacity to poorly executed wills. A basic will may be relatively simple to w … Read more »

  • How to Succeed with Your Alberta Divorce Mediation

    Have you got high hopes that your upcoming divorce mediation will result in an acceptable agreement with your ex? Nobody enjoys the process of divorce and it can quickly become a bitter battle as emotions take over. Separation is a lot more palatable if you can keep things amicable and stay out of t … Read more »

  • How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Change the Divorce Process in Alberta

    How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Change the Divorce Process in Alberta While the legal procedures for getting a divorce in Alberta are relatively simple, the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of relationship breakups are far from straightforward – especially if children are involved. Consequ … Read more »

  • Father’s rights and child custody in Calgary

    FATHER’S RIGHTS AND CUSTODY IN CALGARY When couples separate, they must now navigate a new parenting terrain that can be riddled with confusion, heartache, frustration and anger. Historically, and statistics do show, that the mother has typically maintained primary parenting of the child after separ … Read more »

  • Parenting After Separation in Alberta: 4 Tips for Success

    Parenting while separated or divorced is not for the faint of heart. However, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances of successfully parenting while divorced or separated.  4 tips for successful parenting after separation: child-centered Parenting – In all instances, focus so … Read more »