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  • 10 Things to Know About Medical Malpractice

    No matter the reason for medical attention, a patient may receive care below expectations or even legal obligation. Many cases of malpractice result from negligent behaviour. As a leading medical malpractice lawyer in Toronto, Sommers, Roth and Elmaleh pride ourselves on understanding the intricacie … Read more »

  • Birth Guide: Should You Choose a Doctor, Doula, or Midwife?

    Bringing a child into the world is a magical but stressful time and having the right medical support by your side goes a long way. Within the pregnancy specialist umbrella, there are many professionals to choose from. While we at Sommers, Roth and Elmaleh believe a parent’s birthing plan is personal … Read more »

  • Pediatrician or a Neonatologist: What’s the Difference?

    Understanding the role a physician plays in your child’s life is essential. Sommers, Roth and Elmaleh are a leading medical-legal lawyer firm here in Toronto. We work closely with families as they take on cases revolving around the medical world and support you in better understanding the role every … Read more »

  • How Can Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Impact Your Baby?

    Having a babe is an experience filled with intense emotion and wonder. This makes it that much more devastating when we are told our children may have a medical complication, such as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, has many physical impacts on the body. It is crucial for physicians t … Read more »

  • Pregnancy Stages: What to Know about Antenatal, Intrapartum & Postpartum

    As a leading birth trauma lawyer in Ontario, Sommers, Roth, and Elmaleh work with clients across the province, ensuring medical professionals are held accountable during the pregnancy and delivery. Our job is to ensure that any malpractice cases, especially those resulting in the harm of a child, be … Read more »