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  • Key Takeaways

    This was cited in Guthrie’s Guide as an example of bad business jargon, without much additional commentary. Because of its ubiquity, this dreadful phrase merits a few words. Ubiquity, for starters. The phrase appears in nearly 5,000 posts on Lexology, which to me suggests one word: hackneyed (and th … Read more »

  • A New Resource for Translations of Canadian Case Law

    This was based on a post on the CALL listserv; many thanks to Michèle LeBlanc of the Université de Moncton for the information. The Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques (CTTJ) at the Université de Moncton has been working on a project to translate important unilingual Canadian court de … Read more »

  • More Redundancies

    Lawyers find it difficult to use one word when they could use two. Here are some further examples. Forward progress All progress is forward-looking; that’s why it’s progress. Null and void The two elements mean the same thing, so there is no need to use both. As a drafting point, it’s a dangerous ph … Read more »

  • Terrible Transitions

    In an op-ed piece prompted by the Ontario government’s threatened invocation of the Charter’s ‘notwithstanding’ clause (s 33), Professor Lissa Paul of Brock University mused about the prevalence of similar ‘useless adverbs’ in student writing: ‘”Notwithstanding” and the Transition Word Epidemic’, Gl … Read more »

  • The Dangers of Dopplelawyers

    Be careful: There may be another you out there, lurking in the non-SEO-optimized back quarters of the internet. Another website profile with your name, maybe even your firm’s name, but with different contact information. Lawyer impersonation is a serious problem. Many lawyers have been shocked to di … Read more »