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  • What Is A Dangerous Driving Charge In Canada?

    In Canada a dangerous driving is a charge you can receive when law enforcement authorities find you operating a motor vehicle, a seagoing vessel, aircraft or railway equipment in a way that is dangerous to the general public. Essential Considerations For Successful Conviction The Crown Prosecutor mu … Read more »

  • How To Beat An Arrest Warrant In Canada

    In Canada, a warrant for a person’s arrest never expires. You must know that if an arrest warrant has been issued against you, it won’t go away with time. Your arrest warrant remains intact until you deal with your legal matter or face the police and get arrested. You cannot make your arrest warrant … Read more »

  • What Should I Do When I Get Arrested In Canada?

    Being arrested is increasingly stressful, especially if you haven’t perpetrated any crime. The situation can go from bad to worse if you don’t behave properly. You must know vital things, like how you should act, what you can do and what you cannot do during custody. Anything you say or do could pot … Read more »

  • What Are The Defences To Criminal Harassment Charges In Canada?

    In Canada, criminal harassment is an unlawful act of bothering a victim in a way that leaves the victim reasonably fearful for their safety. This can include communicating with the victim repeatedly, such as making unwanted phone calls or sending offending emails and text messages. Stalking or follo … Read more »

  • Tips To Find The Best DUI Defence Lawyer

    Hiring a credible impaired driving defence attorney is one of the most vital decisions to make for the successful defence of your legal matter when you’re charged with a DUI offence or Over 80. However, finding the most reliable DUI defence lawyer near you can be quite challenging. It would help if … Read more »