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  • Failure To Appear In Court In Alberta – Laws And Consequences

    Failure to appear for court proceedings is a common occurrence. From severe health conditions to apparent practical inability to reach the courtroom, there could be various reasons that prevent an individual from appearing in court. Through our years of service as criminal defence lawyers in Edmonto … Read more »

  • Are You Facing A Drug Offence Charge In Alberta?

    Being charged with any kind of drug offence has serious implications for the accused not only in Alberta but worldwide. From a minor fine to life in prison and a permanently tainted criminal record, a conviction in this regard can completely ruin your academic aspirations, travel goals, immigration … Read more »

  • What Are Your Rights As A Suspect During A Criminal Investigation?

    Getting arrested and facing a criminal charge can be quite difficult, especially if you believe you have not done anything illegal. All those visits to court and no knowledge of your rights can put you in a difficult position which may cause you stress and worry. Legal Help or a criminal defence law … Read more »

  • The Rules Of Evidence In Canadian Law – 911 Recordings

    What you consider concrete evidence may be unreliable and baseless proof in the eyes of the law. Most people fail to understand that what they consider evidence sometimes has no value in court. In short, legal logic is highly different from widely accepted beliefs and perceptions. Why? Because as a … Read more »

  • Can You Get Your Bail Money Back In Canada?

    According to Canadian Criminal Law, Bail refers to the temporary release of a person who is charged with a criminal offense. The release is given to a person charged with the offense before he/she is tried in court and is given a sentence. Whenever a person is charged with a criminal offense in Cana … Read more »