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  • Vaccinations in the Workplace

    With COVID-19 vaccines on the way, employers might be asking the question: can I require my team get vaccinated before returning to the office?  Similarly, can I (as an employer) make vaccination a condition of employment, and what happens if I (as an employee) choose not get vaccinated?  Below are … Read more »

  • A Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

    Are you looking to hire a new lawyer? You may be asking yourself; how do I find the right lawyer for me?  To start, experience is certainly important, but it isn’t the only thing you need to consider when deciding which lawyer to retain. Conducting a few Google or Yelp searches and hastily selecting … Read more »

  • Legalizing Single-Event Sports Betting in Canada

    Date of Currency: December 4, 2020 There has been considerable excitement this week about news that Canada is finally entering the next phase in potentially legalizing single-event sports betting. Proposing changes to the Criminal Code, Federal Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti int … Read more »

  • What are the Benefits of a Cohabitation Agreement, and Why do I Need One?

    It is becoming increasingly common for couples to live together prior to getting married or as an alternative to marriage. When this happens, the living arrangement over time becomes recognized as a common law relationship. Many people are often under the impression that common law partners have the … Read more »

  • How To Create a Binding Terms of Service for a Website or App

    Date of Currency: November 15, 2020 Agreeing to terms of service is as simple as clicking a button, right? In fact, things aren’t as simple as they may seem. A recent United States case, Snow v. Eventbrite, serves as an important reminder that a terms of service can be found unenforceable if not imp … Read more »