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  • "How soon after a separation can I date?"

    There is no rule that says you can’t date soon after the separation but have you considered both the pros and the cons, of dating AND of going public with it? Interested in some pointers? – LISTEN

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  • Preparing for a family law Conference

    If you are part of a family court case in Ontario, sooner or later you will participate in a Conference. They are a key tool in the system of Case Management. Are you about to attend one, and interested in learning more? – LISTEN.

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  • "I am fighting for my kids!"

    When separation happens, many parents think of their kids first, and how they will be affected. Some commence an epic fight without truly understanding why, and what they hope to accomplish. Some are misguided in doing so – not understanding what will actually make a difference before the court, for … Read more »

  • How to help someone who is separated?

    It’s human to want to support someone who is hurting – including in the context of a separation. Interested in some tips on helping but not causing harm? – LISTEN.

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  • How do Family Mediators bill?

    Not all Family Mediators bill for their services the same way. You have many options when it comes to the choice of a mediator, and you can also find a billling arrangement for those services that suits you and your budget. Interested in learning more? – LISTEN.My email … Read more »