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  • Chichak v. Chichak

     In Chichak v. Chichak, 2021 BCCA 286, the British Columbia Court of Appeal confirmed that a creditor who has registered a judgment against real property held in the name of a debtor cannot enforce the judgement in respect of an interest of another person who has an equitable interest in the propert … Read more »

  • Supreme Court of British Columbia Gives Effect to an Unsigned Draft Will During Covid-19

    Getting wills signed during Covid-19 has been a challenge, especially for persons in retirement communities and care homes when visitors are restrictions. The process those of us who are estate-planning lawyers like to follow of meeting our clients in person to review the final drafts of their wills … Read more »

  • Nova Scotia Court of Appeal Allows Appeal in Lawen Estate

    Both Nova Scotia and British Columbia allow independent adult children to apply to court to vary their parents’ wills. Although other provinces in Canada have legislation allowing spouses, minor and dependent children to apply for dependant’s relief on the death of a spouse or parent who has provide … Read more »

  • The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company v. Rogers

     A murderer may not inherit from his victim. This much is clear. But the implications on the rest of a will are not always so straightforward. This is illustrated by an Ontario case earlier this year: TheBank of Nova Scotia Trust Company v. Rogers, 2021 ONSC 1747 (CanLii). Cameron Scott Rogers was c … Read more »

  • Shahdin Farsai Joins Sabey Rule LLP

    I am pleased to post that Shahdin Farsai has joined our firm as an associate lawyer. She was a judicial clerk to six judges at the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 2015-2016. She articled and then was as an associate lawyer in Vancouver at a large national firm, where she practiced in civil liti … Read more »