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  • Remote Witnessing of Powers of Attorney

     Recent amendments to the Power of Attorney Act and Power of Attorney Regulation permit remote witnessing of signatures in British Columbia. These amendments came into affect on January 1, 2023. The donor (referred to as the “adult” in the legislation) may sign a power of attorney in the electronic … Read more »

  • British Columbia Law Institute: Undue Influence Recognition

    The British Columbia Law Institute has recently publish Undue Influence Recognition and Prevention: A Guide for Legal Practitioners together with A Reference Aid. In 2011, the BCLI published Recommended Practices for Wills Practitioners Relating to Potential Undue Influence: A Guide in contemplation … Read more »

  • Shamim Aidun Joins Sabey Rule

    I am pleased to write that Shamim Aidun has recently joined our firm as an associate. Shamim has his law degree from the University of Birmingham in England. He articled and began a broad-range law practice in the Cariboo, but decided to return to his home town of Kelowna.He is practicing with us pr … Read more »

  • The Taciturn and Undemonstrative Men of Somerset

     A mere promise to leave property to someone in the will is not enforceable. But, like so much in law, there are exceptions. One exception that sometimes arises occurs when the person who is promised property reasonably relies on the promise, making sacrifices as a result. The type of claim I am wri … Read more »

  • Cottrell v. Cottrell

     When assisting clients in creating trusts to benefit their children, I am sometimes asked about potential claims that a child’s spouse might make to trust assets if there is a breakdown of the child’s marriage or marriage-like relationship. Typically, the parent is concerned that if she puts assets … Read more »