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  • AI and the practice of law

    Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Chat GPT continue to make headlines. Numerous industries, including the legal one, are already feeling the impacts and implications of AI, as well as exploring its potential.We have invited guest speakers Jon Festinger, KC and Robert Diab to chat … Read more »

  • Addressing harassment, discrimination and bullying in the legal profession

    Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace are serious problems in society, and the legal profession is not immune to it. As the regulatory body for lawyers, the Law Society has an important role in ensuring lawyers do not engage in harassing or discriminatory behav … Read more »

  • Indigenous reconciliation and cultural safety

    In this episode, we are going to talk about one of the most critical areas the Law Society is addressing – meaningful Indigenous reconciliation and cultural safety.In July 2023, the Law Society's board of Benchers approved recommendations from the Indigenous Engagement in Regulatory Matters Tas … Read more »

  • When lawyers need help: navigating mental health resources

    A national survey was published last year on the state of legal professionals’ mental health. More than half of respondents in BC reported experiencing psychological distress and many of them said they did not seek help despite needing it.  In this episode, we share information about one of the most … Read more »

  • The Rule of law, legal secrecy and the unwritten rule of law on Parliament Hill

    Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong joins host Jon Festinger to talk about the government's use of “orders in council,” legal secrecy and the unwritten rule of law on Parliament Hill. Michael Chong was first elected to Parliament in 2004 and represents the riding of Wellington-Halto … Read more »