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  • Litigation Over Poor Mitigation: Court Reduces Notice Period

    You might know that employees have a legal obligation to mitigate their damages when they are let go, which means they must make reasonable efforts to find new employment. However, what does “reasonable efforts” even mean? A recent decision sheds some light on this. In Toy v 0954516 BC Ltd., 2022 BC … Read more »

  • Benke v Loblaw: Unpaid Leave for Refusing to Follow Mask Policy Was Not a Constructive Dismissal

      Hi everyone I’m Nadia Zaman, associate at Rudner Law and today I will talk about a recent Alberta decision in which the court found that an employer did not constructively dismiss an employee when the employee was placed on an unpaid leave of absence for refusing to wear a mask. In Benke and Lobla … Read more »

  • Preparing a Kick-Ass Mediation Brief

    For those of us who remember this campaign, we recall Oldsmobile going to great lengths to change the image of an Oldsmobile: what it looks like, feels like, etc. Similarly, I would love to change what a Mediation Brief looks and feels like. As I have said to colleagues many times, your Mediation Br … Read more »

  • The End of Infectious Disease Emergency Leave

    If you are an employee that was placed on leave at the beginning of the pandemic, you may still find yourself in a state of limbo, in which your employment status is uncertain. Similarly, if you are an employer that placed employees on leave for reasons related to COVID-19, many of those employees c … Read more »

  • No Costs for You: The Danger of Baseless Allegations and Bad Behaviour

    Canadian courts operate on a “loser-pays” system, wherein the unsuccessful party at trial is generally ordered to pay a portion of the successful party’s legal costs. How much of those costs the unsuccessful party will be saddled with is at the discretion of the judge and depends on a number of fact … Read more »