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  • Childcare Obligations: How Much Has to Be Accommodated?

    Family Status Obligations This is a follow up to Part One, in which we discussed a strategy for requesting accommodation. If you have yet to read Part One, we would recommend those strategies as a starting point. At this point in the process, we turn our minds to the legal obligations of the employe … Read more »

  • Can I Change My Work Schedule to Care for My Kids?

    Making a Request To Change Your Work Schedule What happens when you ask your employer for some flexibility in your work schedule because of your obligations to your children? This might be especially necessary in the near future as many workers are being recalled to the workplace but your daycare an … Read more »

  • Severance for Short Service Employees

      Stuart Rudner here with another Rudner Law video employment law update. So I’ve said this before and I will say it again: do not assume that short service employees will only get minimal or no severance at all, and do not assume that every employee has an automatic probationary period, because the … Read more »

  • Is Mandatory Vaccination Now The Norm?

    I have started writing this blog post three times, and each time, it seems like the landscape shifts before I can finalize it.  Initially, the prevailing view about requiring employees to be vaccinated was to proceed with caution and not to assume that an employer could unilaterally impose such requ … Read more »

  • Mitigation: Employee’s Obligations and Employer’s Rights

      Stuart Rudner here with another Rudner Law video employment law update. Today I want to talk about the issue of mitigation. We often talk about the fact that an employee that has been let go from their job has a legal obligation to mitigate, which means to make reasonable efforts to find new emplo … Read more »