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  • R v. Virani: Proof of Income under the Canada Recovery Benefit

    As the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) continues to audit taxpayers in relation to COVID-19 benefits received during the pandemic, it is important to understand how taxpayers should engage with the CRA to support their entitlements. This article will discuss the Canada Recovery Benefit and a recent Fede … Read more »

  • Understanding Net Worth Audits and Assessments

    Understanding net worth audits and assessments. Has your CRA Auditor informed you that your audit will be a “Net Worth Audit”, and you want to better understand how they are using this technique to determine your income? We have previously written about the net worth audit and the related objection … Read more »

  • The New Toronto Vacant Home Tax

    Read on about the new Toronto vacant home tax. Beginning in early 2023, Toronto homeowners with vacant properties will have to pay an additional 1% tax on their home. This new policy is the result of Consultation on the Underused Housing Tax with interested members of the public from August 6, 2021 … Read more »

  • Streaming and Taxation

    With the introduction of YouTube Shorts, the Google-Alphabet-YouTube conglomerate is fighting for the niche market largely dominated by TikTok. But Twitch remains a fierce competitor to YouTube, at least for the online streaming market. One of the upsides of Twitch is its user-friendly platform. It … Read more »

  • New CRA Limits on Interest and Financing Expenses

    Here is information on the new CRA limits. On November 3rd, 2022, the Department of Finance released revised legislative proposals for the excessive interest and financing expense limitation rules (“EIFEL” rules). The revisions address public commentary on the previously proposed rules, which were r … Read more »