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  • Tax Court of Canada – The Book of Documents

    Before we can dive into the book of documents, we must briefly discuss the list of documents (“LOD”). The LOD is a list of all documents that a party has in their possession that they plan on relying on at the inevitable hearing at the Tax Court of Canada. This list is in chronological order startin … Read more »

  • The Tax Court of Canada – Settlement Conferences

    Hearings are expensive. Not only is it expensive for the taxpayers but it also consumes an immense amount of court time and resources. This is why the Tax Court of Canada (the “TCC”) strongly encourages taxpayers to settle their disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) before the issue ma … Read more »

  • Cryptocurrency and the OECD

    The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (the “OECD”) recently released its long-awaited report on global regulatory frameworks for the taxation of cryptocurrencies. In it, they outline current and emerging issues with the global taxation of virtual currencies and offer guidance on … Read more »

  • What is a CRA Net Worth Audit?

    Has your CRA auditor informed you that your audit will be a Net Worth Audit? Are you wondering what that means? We previously wrote about Net Worth Audits and Assessments which you can find here. This blog provides more information about net worth audits, what they are, why they occur, and what can … Read more »

  • Why you Should Keep your Receipts

    Keeping your receipts, regardless of the field it pertains to, is a prudent and highly advisable practice. In the area of tax, this practice becomes even more important. In the event you should be audited, reassessed, or be the subject of a processing review, the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) will r … Read more »