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  • People Follow Your Example – Make it Meaningful.

    Post # 954People Follow Your Example – Make it Meaningful.In order to be an effective leader you need to make yourself HIGHLY VISIBLE in a myriad of different ways and use that exposure to reinforce what you believe in, what direction you believe your firm or team should be headed, and how you inten … Read more »

  • Where Leadership Training Falls Short!

    Post # 953Where Leadership Training Falls Short! To be very specific, here are SEVEN distinct shortcomings I hear about and personally observe where I have to conclude that leadership training is all too often, an unfortunate waste of money. Fortunately, all of them can be corrected:1. Training that … Read more »

  • What Should Industry Team Leaders Be Responsible For?

    Post # 952What Should Industry Team Leaders Be Responsible For?I received the following query: “I read how a number of law firms have worked hard to brand themselves as having deep industry focus and how ‘it has been enormously successful,’ but how does one determine what specific leadership require … Read more »

  • Being a Leader Is Actually All About RELATIONSHIPS

    Post # 951Being a Leader Is Actually All About RELATIONSHIPS.It has been my observation, over the years, that many leaders rank low on empathy. They understand it intellectually, they just don’t pay enough attention, ask the right questions or comprehend that it is not just about what your colleague … Read more »

  • Leadership Reflections for The Remainder of 2022.

    Post # 950Leadership Reflections for The Remainder of 2022.Looking back over these past six months and the leadership legacy you have been creating . . .* What do you need to LET GO OF or complete before the year is over?* What type of personal EXAMPLE have you set for others during this past year?* … Read more »