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  • Articles for Bloomberg

    Post # 957My Latest ARTICLES Written Specifically for BloombergLaw. LAW FIRM LEADERSHIP COLUMN: Law Firm Leaders: Get the Behavior You Tolerate (Part 1)Welcome to the Law Firm Leadership column. This article discusses the difficult leadership challenge of having to finally confront some partner who … Read more »

  • Revisiting My Most Popular Prescriptive LinkedIn Posts

    Post # 956Revisiting My Most POPULAR Prescriptive LinkedIn Posts.During the past months I’ve authored a number of lengthy, in-depth articles on Professor Bill Henderson’s LegalEvolution site, while also endeavoring to regularly share advice through LinkedIn – brief observations, recommendations, and … Read more »

  • My LegalEvolution Articles

    Post # 955My LegalEvolution ArticlesI’m pleased to share a collection of articles that I’ve written over the past few months, all of which I was grateful to have posted on my friend, Professor Bill Henderson’s excellent LegalEvolution website. Each of these is intended to be prescriptive in terms of … Read more »

  • People Follow Your Example – Make it Meaningful.

    Post # 954People Follow Your Example – Make it Meaningful.In order to be an effective leader you need to make yourself HIGHLY VISIBLE in a myriad of different ways and use that exposure to reinforce what you believe in, what direction you believe your firm or team should be headed, and how you inten … Read more »

  • Where Leadership Training Falls Short!

    Post # 953Where Leadership Training Falls Short! To be very specific, here are SEVEN distinct shortcomings I hear about and personally observe where I have to conclude that leadership training is all too often, an unfortunate waste of money. Fortunately, all of them can be corrected:1. Training that … Read more »