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  • Coach Partners One-On-One

    Post #895 – September 3, 2021 What High Performing Group Leaders Do: Coach Partners One-On-OneIn BC (Before Covid) any form of coaching or mentoring was fairly accidental – either by way of a hallway greeting (“So, how’s it going?”) or reactive to someone sticking their head in your doorway (“Got a … Read more »

  • More Strategic Thought Provokers

    Post #894 – September 1, 2021More Strategic Thought Provokers.Further to my earlier article, here are the final six snippets:* Approach Strategy by “BackCasting” – Moving from The Future Back.Research has shown that people who use the current situation and project in a linear fashion tend to be over … Read more »

  • Some Strategic Thought Provokers

    Post #893 – August 25, 2021Some Strategic Thought Provokers A few brief, pragmatic snippets to pop some ideas out of your intellectual toaster:* Fight Established Routines.Some partners can be like those old spring-powered watches — they have to be shaken hard to get them going. * What’s Your Compet … Read more »

  • Be ORIGINAL Rather Than Imitating Competitors

    Post #892 – August 18, 2021 Be ORIGINAL Rather Than Imitating Competitors Many view other competitors, their strategies, their performance and experience as the benchmark from which to set standards for their own firm. That kind of competitive comparison may makes sense, especially as your firm’s pe … Read more »

  • Be Dominant Somewhere Rather Than Mediocre Everywhere

    Post #891 – August 11, 2021Be Dominant Somewhere Rather Than Mediocre Everywhere From your firm’s perspective: is each practice truly profitable, is the practice worth committing further resources toward developing, or what would the downside be if we were not to provide these services? Indeed, coul … Read more »