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  • What Investors Should Do Before Marketing Their Products

    An inventor has one of the toughest yet most exciting and fulfilling jobs in the world. You get to build things from scratch and solve problems that others aren’t able to. For many inventors, it is not the inventing, but the marketing that is most challenging. Unless the inventor happens to also be … Read more »

  • Do You Follow These Canadian Patent Laws?

    Protecting inventions by filing patent applications is important for many businesses, unfortunately the majority are unaware of proper procedures and guidelines set forth by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Failing to file patent applications properly under Canada’s patent laws can lead to … Read more »

  • 3 Reasons to Register Your Canadian Business Trademark

    Registering a trademark for your business in Canada can provide plenty of lucrative privileges that you can enjoy. It can also assist you in building a strong and competitive edge against your competitors, both locally and globally. But what exactly can you look forward to when you get your business … Read more »

  • What Is A Trademark Search?

    The post What Is A Trademark Search? appeared first on Lawyer & Law Firm Edmonton. … Read more »

  • Steps for Policing Trademark Rights During a Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the Canadian market functions. In light of new events where doing business is hard, businesses worldwide are resorting to impulsive decision making to boost their profits. One of these decisions is adding new products to their lineup, whose trademarks may al … Read more »