Last blog added on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Information About CLEO Connect

The PLE Learning Exchange supports organizations across Ontario in developing and delivering effective public legal education and information (also known as PLEI or PLE) for their communities.  Our major activities include:
  • sharing research, articles and reports, best practices and tools that could improve the effectiveness of community-based PLE work
  • showcasing examples of interesting PLE projects as a way of demonstrating different approaches to effective PLE
  • providing an interactive online space to help organizations working with PLE  ask questions, build partnerships, and share experiences and learnings
  • providing opportunities for the Connecting Communities project to gain an awareness of other active and innovative projects.

Recent Posts

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  • Upcoming webinar: Navigating family courts during the pandemic

    Family court and related court services have changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic. What counts as an emergency motion? How have parenting time and decision-making been affected? How can survivors of domestic violence navigate family court and related services during the pandemic? Join us … Read more »

  • Greater powers for the Landlord and Tenant Board could have major effect on tenants

    Tenants in Ontario are facing new rules that may seriously affect their rights and responsibilities. These changes to the Residential Tenancies Act became law on September 1, 2021. This month’s On the Radar looks at 2 of the more significant new rules. Read the full post.  The post Greater powers fo … Read more »

  • New skills-building webinar – Become a Steps to Justice expert!

    Deborah Bourk, CLEO’s Project Manager for Community Engagement and Communications, shared tips and strategies earlier today on how to get the most out of CLEO’s Steps to Justice website. Community workers use Steps to Justice every day to help clients in Ontario who have legal problems. Learn more a … Read more »

  • More changes to family law

    In March this year, the government made several important changes to family law procedures. There are more changes taking effect in August and September 2021. This month’s On the Radar looks at these changes. Read the full post.  The post More changes to family law appeared first on CLEO Connect. … Read more »

  • Family Court Operations: A pandemic guide

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, family court operations in Ontario continue to be in flux. The family law experts at Luke’s Place have created a new resource providing information on how the courts are operating right now.  You can get more information and download Family Court Operations: A p … Read more »