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  • Build ESG Into Your Company’s Business Plan

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a set of practices and standards used to evaluate a company’s performance outside its balance sheet. ESG criteria assess how well a company manages important, non-financial aspects that can impact its long-term financial health.   Already a … Read more »

  • When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

    Spoiler Alert: We are all going to die   If you care for your family, you’ll have a will. If you don’t, you won’t.   And if the estimated numbers are even remotely close to being true, it appears a lot of people out there don’t care about their families.   Statistics show that only… The post When … Read more »

  • Data Privacy Day 2024

    “This is not good! Worlds are colliding!”   So I thought, as my Saturday night hockey TV viewing experience was rudely interrupted by a commercial promising that, “Data may be the new gold, but that doesn’t mean it should be for sale”.   Like all good advertising, though, the commercial stuck in my … Read more »

  • Private Equity Fund Opportunities

    Many people think about the big, well-known US-based funds with billions of dollars under management when we talk about private equity funds. However, “private equity” simply refers to using private capital to acquire a business or operating asset, and the structure is used across the spectrum of de … Read more »

  • Raising Capital Through the Manitoba Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program

    Despite a great plan, great people, or a great product, many small businesses struggle to raise equity capital.   Qualified small Manitoba businesses can incentivize eligible accredited investors by selling equity shares that provide investors with a 45% non-refundable tax credit against Manitoba ta … Read more »