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    Canadian home prices have increased an average of 17% over the last year! This is despite the pandemic, months long lockdowns, high unemployment, ballooning federal government debt and the possibility of a so-called “second wave.” In my view, this is good news for Canadians, as home ownership has pr … Read more »

  • Taxing your Principal Residence – Is it in the Cards?

    For many Canadians, owning and eventually paying off their home represents the bulk of their retirement nest egg. Usually a home will keep up or exceed the rate of inflation so that it may be two or three times its original value by the time the amortization period runs out in 25 or 30 years. As the … Read more »

  • Strata Corporation Insurance Issues – Controlling the Cost of Premiums

    News articles over the past year have reported that strata insurance premiums and deductibles for many of BC’s 1,500,000 strata unit owners have risen dramatically. As a result the BC government has required the Financial Services Authority to look into the matter. The government has announced today … Read more »

  • Vancouver Real Estate: Is it the right time to buy?

    It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future!Yogi Berra This is the inevitable question that comes up whenever there is a crisis or calamity of some kind like the S & L (savings and loan) scandal of the 80’s, the dot com bubble of the 90’s, 9-11 (2001), the Wall Street meltdown (2007- … Read more »

  • “Best terms pricing” for strata insurance –but best for who?

    A recent article in the Vancouver Sun makes mention of an arcane practice among insurance brokers called “best terms pricing.” It seems that at the discretion of the insurance broker placing the policy, this pricing model can be used to set the premium for a policy of insurance on a strata complex. … Read more »