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  • #84: Challenging Use of Fast-Growing Chicken Breeds With Edie Bowles

    Episode 84 of the Paw & Order podcast features an interview with Edie Bowles, a solicitor and the co-founder of Advocates for Animals, the UK’s first-ever law firm dedicated to animal protection. Edie is currently representing the non-profit organization The Humane League in a groundbreaking case ch … Read more »

  • #83: Who Gets the Dog? Pet Custody Case Makes Headlines

    Episode 83 of the Paw & Order podcast features ALL three hosts: Camille Labchuk, Peter Sankoff, and Jessica Scott-Reid—who are back from their summer break! The show deep dives into an interesting dog custody case, Duboff v. Simpson, including some important comments made by the judge that could hel … Read more »

  • #82: Animal Welfare & International Trade Law With Katie Sykes

    In Episode 82 of the Paw & Order podcast, Camille Labchuk interviews Thompson Rivers University Associate Professor of Law Katie Sykes about her new book, Animal Welfare and International Trade Law: The Impact of the WTO Seal Case. Katie discusses the history of the World Trade Organization and its … Read more »

  • #81: Deceptive “Meatsplaining” With Dr. Jason Hannan

    Episode 81 of the Paw & Order podcast is hosted by Jessica Scott-Reid and guest co-host Kaitlyn Mitchell, a staff lawyer at Animal Justice. In this episode, Jessica and Kaitlyn interview Dr. Jason Hannan, a professor at the University of Winnipeg, and the co-chair of Winnipeg VegFest. They discuss D … Read more »

  • #80: Exposing the Legal Wildlife Trade With Casey Bond

    June 1, 2021 In Episode 80 of the Paw & Order podcast, Camille Labchuk interviews Casey Bond, the communications manager at the animal advocacy research non-profit Faunalytics, to discuss their groundbreaking new report analyzing the legal wildlife trade in the United States. This report reveals sho … Read more »