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Osgoode Hall Law School's "OzCasts": Great conversations about legal education, the profession and the law.

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  • "Assisted Suicide in Canada" by Travis Dumsday

    Osgoode Professors Richard Haigh and Dan Priel are joined by Professor Travis Dumsday of Concordia University of Edmonton in a wide-ranging discussion about his book, Assisted Suicide in Canada: Moral, Legal and Policy Considerations. The book takes on the very complicated legal, moral, philosophica … Read more »

  • "Politics and Expertise" by Zeynep Pamuk

    Dan and Richard are joined by University of Oxford Associate Professor Zeynep Pamuk to discuss her recent book, Politics and Expertise: How to Use Science in a Democratic Society. The book’s grand theme is captured in the two epigraphs found at the beginning: “It would not only be foolish but downri … Read more »

  • "Your Boss is an Algorithm" by Antonio Aloisi and Valerio De Stefano

    Dan and Richard discuss Osgoode School Professor Valerio De Stefano’s timely book about the world of AI, algorithms and online platforms and their ever-increasing impact on the world of work. Co-authored with Antonio Aloisi, “Your Boss is an Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence, Platform Work and Labo … Read more »

  • "The Behavioral Code" by Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine

    Beyond Law is a podcast on books that discuss problems of law and regulation through the lens of public policy and social science. In this episode, the hosts, Richard Haigh and Dan Priel, talk with Benjamin van Rooij about his latest book “The Behavioral Code: The Hidden Ways the Law Makes Us Better … Read more »

  • 4 Questions For: Loretta Merritt on Sexual Abuse and the Law

    Loretta Merritt ’85, ’90(LLM), one of Canada’s foremost lawyers specializing in sexual abuse and harassment cases, speaks with Osgoode Professor Janet Mosher about her trauma-informed approach to clients, confidentiality concerns and trends in damages. Read more »