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  • Nathan Roth brings dispute resolution expertise to the healthcare industry and beyond

    Enrolling as the lone physician in his cohort on Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Dispute Resolution program was never going to faze Nathan Roth. “It was invigorating to be amongst individuals with such diverse educational backgrounds and life experiences,” says Roth, a seasoned obstetrician and gyneco … Read more »

  • Hilary Chung

    When Hilary Chung was growing up in Cornwall, Ontario, her family’s dinner-table conversation often turned to matters of medicine—not a surprise when you have a doctor for a dad, as she did. But it wasn’t just the nitty-gritty of medical practice she learned about. Her father was a passionate advoca … Read more »

  • Navigating the civil sexual assault claims landscape

    Money isn’t everything when it comes to litigating civil sexual assault claims. For sexual assault survivors dealing not only with the physical and psychological trauma of their experience, but also the societal stigma that comes with it, the simple act of disclosure to a lawyer can be a momentous s … Read more »

  • Celebrating International Women’s Day: Insights from Osgoode’s program directors

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re excited to amplify the voices and experiences of women who have made significant strides in their careers. At Osgoode Professional Development, we had the privilege of interviewing four remarkable female program directors, each with a unique journey and … Read more »

  • How Administrative Law LLM Instructor Ronda Bessner Got Hooked on Public Inquiries

    When Ronda Bessner got her first taste of a public inquiry, she knew it would not be her last.   “I was hooked, right from the start,” says Bessner, who took up her original role as senior legal analyst at the Royal Commission on the Blood System in Canada in 1994, remaining in the post […] The post … Read more »