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  • Codicil To A Will In British Columbia

    A codicil is a legal document that allows an individual to make changes or additions to their existing will without having to completely rewrite it. In British Columbia, codicils play an important role in the estate planning process, providing flexibility and convenience for those who need to make u … Read more »

  • Notice of Dispute in British Columbia

    The Notice of Dispute is an important legal mechanism used in the estate administration process in British Columbia. It provides an interested party with the ability to raise objections and dispute the issuance of an estate grant by the court. Understanding the rules and procedures surrounding the f … Read more »

  • Can A Right of Survivorship Bank Account Be Challenged?

    The right of survivorship in a joint bank account is a crucial aspect of estate planning for many individuals. It allows for the automatic transfer of ownership of the account balance to the surviving account holder upon the death of the other. The question of whether this right can be challenged ar … Read more »

  • Everything You Should Know About Estate Law in British Columbia

    BC estate law covers a lot of ground. It includes estate planning (Wills, trusts, incapacity planning) and the law that applies if a family member dies without a Will. Estate law also includes estate litigation, which may be necessary if there are questions about the validity of a Will, suspicions t … Read more »

  • Executor Not Communicating With Beneficiaries

    A person has the right to choose who will handle their estate after they pass away. That person, known as the executor, is appointed in an individual’s Last Will and Testament. In British Columbia, courts give a high degree of respect to a will-maker’s choice of executor. An executor has many duties … Read more »