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  • Standard Unit By-law Upgrades

    GMA is proud of our comprehensive Standard Unit By-law (“SUBL”) and streamlined processing arrangements. Our SUBL precedent has recently evolved.  We have buttressed its existing strict liability insurance deductible provision by specifically defining circumstances where an owner is liable for a wat … Read more »

  • “Like a Mortgagee”: no uncertainty with condo liens and foreclosure/power of sale

    The Superior Court of Justice recently raised an interesting question: can a condominium corporation foreclose on a unit to enforce its lien? While the Court didn’t answer the question, raising the question seemingly casts doubt on what a corporation can or can’t do to enforce a lien. Fortunately, w … Read more »

  • Condo business as usual with electronic signatures

    Electronic signatures are the new normal in most corporate transactions. With physical distancing, gathering restrictions and many working remotely, electronic signatures make it easy for business to continue as usual, including at condominiums. Meeting minutes, status certificates, proxies and requ … Read more »

  • Lien challenges: applying pressure doesn’t stop the bleeding

    When condo owners get hit with a lien, things typically go one of two ways: the owner pays the lien and everyone moves on with their life or the owner disputes the lien and a contentious battle ensues. A registered lien secures “reasonable legal costs and reasonable expenses incurred by the corporat … Read more »

  • Mask exemption: accommodation process is a two-way street

    A couple of weeks ago, the Superior Court of Justice released an important decision, HCC 77 v. Mitrovic, regarding mandatory masks in condos.   The court ordered two owners to wear a mask or face covering while on interior common elements but also granted an exception permitting them to travel on an … Read more »