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  • A Guide to Preparing for Lawyer Retirement

    Whether you’re in the early or later stages of your legal career, lawyer retirement is a natural part of the attorney’s journey. A solid lawyer retirement plan is necessary and beneficial for any lawyer’s future. We know that preparing for lawyer retirement is a challenging and complex task. But as … Read more »

  • A Guide to Law Firm Mission Statements

    Running or starting a law practice is a complex task. But having a well-crafted law firm mission statement is essential—it’s a handy way to remind you of your ultimate vision. A mission statement also keeps you on track when you get lost and helps you decide which turn to take next. How can a simple … Read more »

  • The Best Legal Blogs for Attorneys in 2021

    Regularly engaging with informative, thought-provoking legal blogs is one of the best ways to stay on top of industry news, emerging legal trends, innovations in technology, and more.  As a lawyer, you have a lot of choice when it comes to law blogs. What you may not have is a lot of time to find th … Read more »

  • How Automation is Transforming the Completion of Legal Documents and Forms

    A Chat with Tucker Cottingham, Founder and General Manager of Lawyaw With the announcement of Clio’s acquisition of Lawyaw, I had the chance to sit down with Tucker Cottingham—Founder and now General Manager of Lawyaw—to learn a little more about the acquisition, what “smart technology” is, and why … Read more »

  • Selling a Law Practice: 8 Things to Know

    As a law firm owner, you may consider selling a law practice for many reasons. And there’s a lot to consider to properly put a value on a business that you’ve built with your time, talent, and passion over the years. You may be thinking of pursuing a new career, moving, or retiring. Sometimes, putti … Read more »