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  • Clio’s Series F Funding: How it Benefits You

    We know—from working with our many tens of thousands of customers who rely on Clio everyday—that running a law firm has never been easy, especially without access to the right software. We started Clio with a vision to make running a law firm much easier, more lucrative for legal professionals, and … Read more »

  • Everyday Acronyms Your Law Firm Needs to Know

    With the integration of digital platforms like Slack, emails, and a plethora of legal tech tools into daily operations, legal professionals are now required to navigate a new terrain of shorthand language that permeates online and informal exchanges. Understanding these acronyms isn’t just about kee … Read more »

  • The Latest in AI and Legal Tech News for Lawyers: July 2024

    It’s no secret that we’re all in when it comes to exploring technological innovations that can simplify the lives of legal professionals. However, the constant flow of artificial intelligence (AI) and tech announcements can be overwhelming—making it hard to stay on top of the latest legal technology … Read more »

  • Set Your Law Firm Accountant up for Success

    Law school prepares lawyers for many challenges, but managing a law firm’s finances is not typically one of them. Managing the firm’s books and ensuring financial accuracy and compliance fall outside the traditional legal curriculum. Because of this gap, lawyers often find themselves needing expert … Read more »

  • Clio Accounting: Everything You Need to Know

    Are you ready to leave complicated accounting tools that aren’t tailored to the unique needs of law practices behind? Are you frustrated by not having a clear view of your firm’s financial health? Are you ready to reclaim your valuable time from administrative tasks and focus more on billable work? … Read more »