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  • Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Top 8 Ideas to Grow a Legal Practice

    Do you have a law firm marketing strategy? Even if you’ve created one in the past, it’s always a good idea to revisit and update it annually. To grow your law firm so that it’s thriving and more profitable, you need to attract new clients and cultivate new business. Having a solid law firm marketing … Read more »

  • Top Tech Tools for Lawyers in 2021

    What are the top tools for lawyers in 2021, to help them set their firms up for success this year? After the global pandemic sparked a year of change and challenges for the legal profession, many lawyers are now operating in a virtual reality—whether they’re working remotely part of the time or they … Read more »

  • Best Law Firm Logo Designs [with Tips and Examples]

    What makes law firm logos exceptional? From choosing the best law firm logo colors and fonts to hiring the right designer, creating a great legal logo design involves thorough research, thought, and understanding how to make it unique—and an accurate reflection of your brand. Not only does a great l … Read more »

  • A Guide to SEO Services for Law Firms

    Why should you pay attention to SEO services for law firms? In today’s digital world, people shop for almost everything online —from groceries and insurance to legal services. With more and more potential clients using online search to help them choose their legal representation, your law firm’s bus … Read more »

  • Lawyer Advertising Rules You Need to Know

    New business is key to any law firm’s success. That’s why finding ways to reach potential new clients is essential—but you need to follow the rules when it comes to advertising as a lawyer. Following the lawyer advertising rules for your area isn’t just a good idea: It’s mandatory if you want to avo … Read more »