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  • Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders in the Context of Family Law

    Domestic violence is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences for victims and their families. In Ontario, domestic assault cases frequently involve legal orders restricting contact between the accused and the victim. These restraining orders protect victims and control the accused’s be … Read more »

  • How to File for a Divorce In Ontario Without a Lawyer

    The process of dissolving marriage and filing for divorce can be both overwhelmingly emotional and legally complex. While either party can choose to represent themselves in divorce court, such a decision may complicate matters already high in conflict, often resulting in the case being misunderstood … Read more »

  • Good Reasons to Relocate a Child: Navigating Family Decisions 

    The process of getting a divorce is never an easy ordeal, especially when there are children involved. In some cases, matters may become more complicated when one parent wants to move away from the other, taking the child with them. The consequences of child relocation are often referred to legally … Read more »

  • Can a Parent Lose Custody for False Accusations in Ontario?

    One of the most difficult decisions to be made after a divorce is the arrangement of child custody. The ordeal often involves lengthy court proceedings owing to a recurrent back-and-forth between parents who equally care for their children. In some cases, however, the obsession of one parent may res … Read more »

  • What Should Go Into a Separation Agreement? Guide by a Lawyer

    The decision to separate is never an easy one–requiring emotional resilience from both parties involved. A court case can add fuel to the fire, resulting in matters being dragged out with no definitive solution in sight. In cases like these, a separation agreement can be the most effective way to he … Read more »