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  • What Qualifies as a Long-Term Disability?

    When someone is ill or injured to the extent that they have to miss a significant amount of work or can’t manage day-to-day activities, they may wonder if they qualify for long-term disability. Applying for and proving long-term disability can be complicated and add stress at an already-stressful ti … Read more »

  • Should I Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident Even if I Think I Am Not Hurt?

    Sometimes questions around legal issues can have varying answers, but in this case, the answer is a resounding: Yes, you should seek medical attention after a car accident even if you think you’re not hurt. Read on to learn why and what other information you need if you may have been injured in a ca … Read more »

  • Do I have a Disability Case?

    The purpose of this tool is to help you determine whether an experienced Long Term Disability lawyer can assist you with your insurance claim. Just answer three simple questions to find out if you have a case today The post Do I have a Disability Case? appeared first on Nova Injury Law. … Read more »

  • MTANS AGM 2020 Presentation Treatment Without Tension

    Treatment Without Tension Improving outcomes for personal injury victims The post MTANS AGM 2020 Presentation Treatment Without Tension appeared first on Nova Injury Law. … Read more »

  • Welcome To Moncton New Brunswick! Our Law Firm Has Offices In Moncton

    New Brunswick is a province in Eastern Canada that has an estimated population of 776,827 as of 2019. It is bordered by Quebec to the north, the Bay of Fundy to the South, the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the east and the State of Maine to the west. It is also connected to Nova Scotia by a small southeas … Read more »