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  • How to Buy a Foreclosed Home in Canada: 5 Important Steps

    Generally speaking, foreclosed properties are those where an owner defaults to pay up the mortgage, and the lender then repossesses the property by applying to the court to transfer the property back to them so they can sell it and essentially pay back the loan originally taken out by the owners.  A … Read more »

  • How to Get a Band Partnership Agreement in Alberta

    Alberta is expected to enter Stage 3 of the Open For Summer Plan by early July, meaning all Covid-19 restrictions could be lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings. This means that we may soon enjoy the long-awaited return of live music performances in the community.  Are you a local ba … Read more »

  • International Wills: Do Alberta Wills Cover Foreign Property?

    A will outlines your wishes for how your assets are distributed, to whom, how much, and at what time. In addition, a will governs the administration of the property within the jurisdiction the Will was properly executed.  However, Governments have begun to enter into more international treaties or a … Read more »

  • Mortgage Refinancing/ Switching Mortgage Companies in Canada

    We are all faced with many questions when our mortgages are up for renewal: 1. Should I stay with the same mortgage company? 2. Should I increase my mortgage to payout some unsecured/secured debt? 3. Will I get a better rate if I change my mortgage company? The following information will help you th … Read more »

  • In-law Suites: What Are They and What You Need to Know

    Whether you’re a homeowner with aging parents or you’re looking to earn rental income, you may be considering adding an in-law suite to your property. Many people find in-law suites to be an attractive alternative to moving family members into nursing homes. Welcoming renters into your home is also … Read more »