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  • Is This the Light at the End of Your Legal Tunnel?

    Are You in A Terrible Estate Lawsuit? Mediation can help you resolve your estate lawsuit. Estate lawsuits may take many forms. Here are a few examples of estate problems I can help you with. Has your loved one died? Are you still grieving? There may or may not be a will. Who is in charge if there is … Read more »

  • How To Figure Out If You Are in An Ontario Common Law Relationship

    If you are married in Ontario, it is not the same thing as being in a common-law relationship. Married people have different rights and can get divorced. If you are married and your spouse dies, you can file a family law election to obtain a division of your family property. Common Law Relationships … Read more »

  • Is Your Last Will Up to Date?

    Out-of-date last wills can cause trouble for those you leave behind. I’ll give you some examples so you can avoid costly mistakes. Now is a good time to locate your original wills and powers of attorney. If you can’t find the original documents, they can’t do you any good. Your will could be out of … Read more »

  • The 10 Things That Can Cause Your Estate Mediation to Fail

    Read this if you want better results at mediation. Mediation mistakes can spoil your results. You want to stop destructive legal conflict that increases legal costs. Mediation mistakes can also prevent reconciliation. You can salvage your relationships at mediation if you act appropriately. If you d … Read more »

  • Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire … and an Estate Lawsuit Based on Pecore

    Here’s a secret that even some lawyers don’t know. Read this now to avoid being dragged into an estate lawsuit after someone you love has died. Assume your 87-year-old mother wants to give you her home. You say, “Great!” But what about Carlos (your brother)? What will he get?Will he hate me? Should … Read more »