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  • Are You an Ontario Estate Executor? Then Start Your Journey Here

    I wrote a report to help you cope with the stress of being an Ontario executor. Being an executor is an honour, but it is also a job you may end up regretting. Most executors are inexperienced and learn on the job. You want to get advice before you make any mistakes. These mistakes can cost you pers … Read more »

  • When You Prepare Your Last Will

    What’s your plan to protect your family’s money after your death? We all know family estate fights can start once you’re gone. It does not matter how much money is at stake. You don’t have to be rich to need a will. Wills help reduce taxes. Your money can be wasted on unnecessary taxes and legal fee … Read more »

  • LIVE WEB EVENT: Emerging Legal Trends in Estates and Trusts Law

    Powered by Westlaw Topical Texts and Annotations Emerging Legal Trends in Estates & TrustsLive Event Date: November 29, 2023Live Event Time: 12:00 PM ETHosted by Thomson Reuters As the population ages, we’re now on the cusp of the largest intergenerational transfers of wealth. Emerging as issues in … Read more »

  • New Trends to Know if You’re Challenging Ontario Wills

    Here are factors courts consider before giving directions to contest a will. Courts have duties to the deceased will maker who is not before the court. 1. Personal DisclosureThe deceased person cannot argue against the release of their private medical, financial, or legal files (disclosure orders). … Read more »

  • This Is the New Standard Required to Contest Ontario Wills

    Are you thinking of contesting a will? Read this before you act. This is the background to a new trend in will contests. Courts will protect testators’ private lives, their estates and limited court resources. Fishing Expeditions Courts now require minimal threshold evidence to question a will’s val … Read more »