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  • Saskatchewan decision confirms deferential approach to reasonableness standard of review

    The Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan has confirmed that when applying the reasonableness standard of review, courts should take a deferential approach. This was also recently confirmed by the Federal Court of Appeal, in Canada (Attorney General) v. National Police Federation [2022] F.C.J. No. 682. I … Read more »

  • Litigation – An Overview Of The Process

    What is litigation? Litigation is the formal process of taking legal action. A litigation lawyer is a lawyer who will argue your case on your behalf if you have a dispute with an individual or organization. In employment law, an employment lawyer will represent either the employee or employer in neg … Read more »

  • IDEL Ends in Ontario July 30, 2022: What Happens Next?

    In May 2020, the Ontario government implemented the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL). The goal was to provide relief to Ontario businesses and employers who were suffering because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. IDEL regulation allowed employers to cut or eliminate the hours and wages of t … Read more »

  • Can an Employer Rescind a Job Offer in Canada?

    Yes, an employer in Canada may rescind a job offer. However, employers who rescind job offers usually must pay the employee whose offer was withdrawn damages akin to that of a regular employee who is terminated from his position. If an employee has accepted a job offer, and suddenly the employer tak … Read more »

  • Working For a Competitor – What To Do If You’re In Ontario

    Working for a competitor is a topic that has become increasingly predominant. Many employees continually seek or may be presented with alternative employment opportunities, often with competitors. Ontario has recently banned non-competes for non-executive employees, however, it is useful to carefull … Read more »