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  • Short Term Disability Ontario: Know Your Rights

    Short-term disability insurance is an income replacement for employees while away from work for a brief, defined period and unable to perform their own job due to disability or illness. Read on to learn about your options regarding short term disability. Who qualifies for short-term disability? As l … Read more »

  • Long Term Disability Ontario: Know Your Rights

    Long term disability insurance is a safety net for people who become injured or sick to the point where they are unable to return to work. Long term disability insurance provides some protection by providing you with a portion of your income over the period for which you are considered totally disab … Read more »

  • Continuity of Employment and Calculating Notice of Termination

    An employee’s entitlements to notice on termination, either their minimum entitlements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) or common law reasonable notice, are primarily dependent upon the length of service. But what happens if an employee has been with the same employer and there was a break i … Read more »

  • Contract Employees Ontario | What You Need To Know

    Most employers hire employees on a contract for an indefinite term. Some employers, however, hire employees on a contract for a fixed term, called “fixed-term contract employees”.  Fixed-term contract employees may be defined not only by a definite period of time but also by the duration of a specif … Read more »

  • Fixed Term Employment Contract and Damages on Termination

    Given the current economic climate, hiring employees with fixed term employment contracts may appear quite appealing because business needs may change by the end of the term. However, it is important to remember that if the contract is terminated early, it may entitle employees to contractual damage … Read more »