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  • Episode 28: Jordan Furlong discusses what generative AI means for the profession

    Jordan Furlong is an analyst and forecaster for the legal sector, focused on the most important trends shaping the provision of legal services and the formation and regulation of lawyers. He’s the author of a weekly Substack on a range of critical topics for the legal profession, and of the book Law … Read more »

  • Episode 27: Supreme court briefing

    Yves Faguy catches up again with Nadia Effendi of BLG to brief us on the latest at the Supreme Court of Canada. Effendi is a partner at BLG, based out of Toronto and Ottawa, a member of the CBA’s Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee. She is also the chair of BLG’s Appellate Advocacy and Pu … Read more »

  • Episode 26: Defamation law in the age of (mis)information

     Yves Faguy speaks with Justin Safayeni, partner at Stockwoods LLP, about defamation law, anti-SLAPP legislation, and their effects on freedom of expression.In today’s digital age, information has become a powerful tool, capable of spreading rapidly and influencing public opinion like never before. … Read more »

  • Episode 25: Lisa Middlemiss on Canada’s ambitious immigration target

    In 2022, Canada experienced a major milestone as it welcomed over 437,000 immigrants, leading to annual population growth of over one million for the first time in history. The country has set an even more ambitious target of welcoming 500,000 new immigrants yearly by 2025. While there are compellin … Read more »

  • Épisode 24: La prise de décision automatisée en droit administratif

    L’intelligence artificielle représente une avancée technologique majeure et transformationnelle. Alors que les voix s’élèvent pour réclamer une pause sur l’utilisation de l’IA, le temps de reprendre le contrôle de « ces boîtes noires imprévisibles », les tribunaux administratifs sont en quelque sort … Read more »