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  • Are Child Support Payments Required If You Have Joint Custody?

    If you are going through a divorce – or have recently gone through one – you likely have questions about custody arrangements and child support. There may even be some confusion as to who – if anyone – should pay child support. But while you may have your own opinions, the law has some very clear gu … Read more »

  • The importance of hiring a business lawyer

    Businesses are expected to follow several sets of complicated laws set by the authorities. Therefore, whether it’s a small store or a larger company, businesses need lawyers to ensure they function properly and are compliant with the set laws. If there are any issues regarding property purchases and … Read more »

  • Enduring POA and Advanced directives

    Enduring Power of Attorney and Health Directive Forms are legal documents that need to be signed, dated, and witnessed. Advanced Health Directives, including living, will and medical power of attorney (or also called a durable power of attorney for health care.) Advanced Health directives do not hav … Read more »

  • Family Law Agreements

    Family law agreements are affordable options to resolve disputes involving family law. Agreements can be made to suit everyone’s special circumstances and needs. When signing family law papers, you will need what is called a witness when you sign. The Family Law Act ensures the rights of children an … Read more »

  • What Does a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Do?

    If you’re hoping to buy or sell a home anytime soon, you know there are plenty of things to consider. On top of financing the house, finding the right one, and finalizing the sale, it can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true when there’s a booming housing market and the process become … Read more »