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  • Lack of Clarity in Surrogacy Arrangement Leads to Litigation

    Assisted reproduction, including surrogacy or the use of donated materials, is a wonderful thing, allowing people who would otherwise not be able to bear children to become parents. However, it also raises several legal issues, which are further compounded due to the extremely personal nature of thi … Read more »

  • Happy Calgary Pride!

    Calgary Pride is in full swing, having kicked off on August 27, and running through Monday, September 6th. As a family law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive services to Calgary’s LGBTQIA2S+ community, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some family-friendly events available at th … Read more »

  • Woman Faces Challenges in Removing Revenge Porn Content From Internet

    Once an intimate video or image is shared online, it can become a nightmare for the subject to have it completely removed. Many people consent to being the subject of photographs or videos, with the intention that only an intimate partner or select few people will ever see them. However, once those … Read more »

  • Court Deems Online Relationship to be “Spouse-Like”

    We have written in the past about various types of unconventional relationships that were found in court to be ‘spouse-like’, prompting a judge to order spousal support payments after the relationship had broken down. One, in particular, involved a couple who had never cohabitated but had spent much … Read more »

  • Woman Ordered to Pay Support to Common-Law Spouse Despite Abuse Charge

    A recent family law decision out of Ontario is gaining attention for the court’s determination that the parties were common-law spouses despite one party’s insistence that they were merely roommates. This determination was made when deciding on the issue of entitlement to spousal support. However, t … Read more »