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  • Guelph Clinic Sues Couple for $6 Million Over Social Media Posts

    People are entitled to express their opinions online, however, when those posts are untrue and have the potential to negatively impact another person or business, the poster may end up being found liable for defamation. We previously wrote about an Ontario court decision in which a man was ordered t … Read more »

  • Business Interruption Litigation Begins in Earnest

    We have previously written about the impact of ongoing lockdowns and safety mandates due to COVID-19, and the impact they’ve had on businesses throughout the country. Soon after the pandemic began, in April 2020, we discussed the concept of business interruption insurance and its potential applicabi … Read more »

  • Ontario Not-for-Profit Business Corporation Act Coming Into Force

    Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Business Corporations Act (ONCA), which received royal assent back in 2010, is finally set to come into force on October 19th. Businesses that will be governed by this new legislation will have a three-year grace period, until October 19, 2024, to bring themselves into compl … Read more »

  • Court Certifies Class Action Against Uber

    We have been watching the progress of the proposed class action proceeding between ‘gig economy’ drivers and Uber, an international ride share and food delivery service. To date, the litigation has primarily focused on whether the action could proceed in Canada, or if the drivers would be required t … Read more »

  • Intrusion Upon Seclusion & Third-Party Data Breaches

    Data breaches have been making headlines in Canada for a few years, and millions of people have had their data exposed to potential bad actors through breaches of various company databases, from medical labs to telecom companies. Lifelabs, a national lab that performs medical tests on patients acros … Read more »