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  • An Employer’s Vicarious Liability for Employee Fraud

    Employee fraud most commonly occurs when an employee commits fraud against their own employer. For example, an employee might use a corporate credit card for personal expenses or submit unearned overtime hours for payment. However, there are some cases where an employee might use their position with … Read more »

  • Class Proceedings and An Infinite Limitation Period

    Limitation periods exist in litigation in order to facilitate a reasonable resolution to a legal matter. Without limitation periods, a party could choose to ignore a matter for years, and then pick it up out of the blue, dragging the other parties back into the courtroom after years of inaction. To … Read more »

  • The Anti-Deprivation Rule Pt. 2: SCC Confirms Test

    Last week we visited the primary legal authorities in Ontario on fraud in the event of a bankruptcy, and the anti-deprivation rule. Recently the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC), in Chandos Construction Ltd. v. Deloitte Restructuring Inc., 2020, confirmed the reasoning of those cases. Did an Insolvency … Read more »

  • The Anti-Deprivation Rule, Part 1: Fraud in Bankruptcy

    Protecting or preserving assets during a time of insolvency is a natural temptation of debtors. Some even take a proactive approach and design contractual terms that aim to do much the same should insolvency ever arise in the future. However, when such terms are exercised, they run into possibly inf … Read more »

  • Changes to the Class Proceedings Act Take Effect October 1

    Bill 161, a Bill including a number of amendments to several Acts, received Royal Assent earlier this year and comes into force on October 1st. One of the Acts it amends is the Class Proceedings Act (CPA). The overall goal of the amendments to the CPA is to make the class action process more efficie … Read more »