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  • De Novo Jurisdiction and the IAD

    “Does the Immigration Appeal Division have an obligation to determine the genuineness of a marriage on a de novo appeal from a removal order on the basis of a misrepresentation, when the genuineness of the marriage was the misrepresentation alleged in the subsection 44(1) report and was relevant to … Read more »

  • Educational Credential Assessments

    An Educational Credential Assessment is a report by a designated company company that evaluates an individual’s foreign education and compares it to a Canadian equivalent. It is necessary to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, to get education points in Express Entry and for certain … Read more »

  • Extending a COPR or a Landing Visa

    Visa officers have the discretion to extend the time limits on visa that have been issued. The 2018 decision in Austin v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) illustrates this point.  There, a person was issued a permanent resident visa that expired 35 days after it was issued.  The person booked an … Read more »

  • Understanding Judicial Review

    When a visa application has been refused and an applicant is convinced that the decision is unreasonable then it may be advisable to file an Application for Leave to Commence Judicial Review with the Federal Court of Canada (the “Federal Court” or the “Court”). The Federal Court has the jurisdiction … Read more »

  • Rehabilitation Applications

    Section 36(3)(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act provides the legislative basis for rehablitation applications. It states that: 36(3)(c) the matters referred to in paragraphs (1)(b) and (c) and (2)(b) and (c) do not constitute inadmissibility in respect of a permanent resident or forei … Read more »