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  • Determination of Value of Land Expropriated by the Government

    While most people are vaguely aware of the concept of expropriation, wherein a government authority comes in and displaces someone from their property in exchange for a fee, only some people ever experience having their land expropriated.  The entire process of expropriation is unique and gives rise … Read more »

  • Post-Death Determination of Marital Status

    While it is common to think of legal matters as falling into only one particular category, such as “personal injury,” “family,” “wills and estates,” “commercial litigation,” etc., there is often an intersection between one or more areas of law. For example, personal injury law commonly overlaps with … Read more »

  • Calculating Spousal Support In B.C.

    Divorce or separation often comes with complex financial challenges, particularly when it comes to spousal support. In British Columbia, spousal support is a crucial aspect of family law, designed to provide post-separation financial assistance to the spouse who needs it. This blog post will delve i … Read more »

  • Property Purchase Fails Due to Disagreement Over Leaseback Provisions

    While purchasing a home may be a very exciting prospect, it can also be stressful and worrisome. This is particularly so when the real estate sale includes additional, non-standard terms such as a leaseback. In circumstances where the parties to a property sale decide that the purchaser will lease t … Read more »

  • How Do Family Courts Divide Property that Appreciates During a Marriage?

    When one goes through a divorce, it is commonly understood that the parties must divide their property before they go their separate ways. If the parties cannot come to agreeable terms on their own, then the courts will get involved to sort matters out in accordance with the law. While most people k … Read more »