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  • How to Provide Great Client Experiences While Working from Literally Anywhere

    As lawyers and law firms have made the effort to meet clients where they are, the transition to remote work was well underway in the legal profession long before the COVID pandemic made it a necessity. In this episode, we hear about what a remote experience looks like for three very different firms: … Read more »

  • How to Measure Your Law Firm’s Success

    How do you measure the impact of a big idea? Shifting to a client-centered model is a big, broad change for the legal profession—but how can law firms tell it’s the right one? In the latest episode of Matters, Jack and Nefra are joined by a data scientist and three law firm leaders to learn what fir … Read more »

  • Being Client-Centered in a Post-Covid World

    The COVID pandemic has fundamentally and permanently transformed industries around the world—and the legal industry is no exception. In this episode of Matters, we’ll speak to organizational leaders, educators, and practicing attorneys to hear how the practice of law has changed—and what attorneys n … Read more »

  • How to Put Client-Centered Ideas into Practice

    In the past couple of episodes, we’ve looked at practical ways to put yourself in your client’s shoes, and to adopt a client-centered mindset. This episode, we’re looking at how to put client-centered ideas into practice at your firm, and to help us, four legal experts shared their knowledge around … Read more »

  • How to Put Yourself in Your Clients’ Shoes

    In our last episode, we explored how to adopt a client-centered mindset at your firm. In this episode, we’ll build on that discussion to understand how to truly put yourself in your clients’ shoes. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide better service, and to align your firm’s interests with those o … Read more »