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  • Episode 2.8: How to Put Client-Centered Ideas into Practice

    In the past couple of episodes, we’ve looked at practical ways to put yourself in your client’s shoes, and to adopt a client-centered mindset. This episode, we’re looking at how to put client-centered ideas into practice at your firm, and to help us, four legal experts shared their knowledge around … Read more »

  • How to Put Yourself in Your Clients’ Shoes

    In our last episode, we explored how to adopt a client-centered mindset at your firm. In this episode, we’ll build on that discussion to understand how to truly put yourself in your clients’ shoes. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide better service, and to align your firm’s interests with those o … Read more »

  • How to Adopt a Client-Centered Mindset

    So far during this season of Matters, we’ve looked at the “why” behind client-centered lawyering—but now, it’s time to start digging into the “how”. In this episode and the ones that follow, we’ll look at practical steps you can take at your law firm to become more client-centric and, as a result, m … Read more »

  • The Industry Impact of Client-Centered Lawyering

    Looking at the legal industry through a client-centered lens is already transforming how legal services are delivered. In this episode, we’re joined by three guests: a legal consultant and blogger, the president of a bar association, and a practicing Big Law attorney to discuss the major impact that … Read more »

  • Lawyer-Centered vs. Client-Centered

    So far this season, we’ve introduced the concept of client-centered legal practice, explored why lawyers tend to be so resistant to change, and looked at what’s broken within our legal system. On this episode, we’ll compare the broken model of legal service delivery—the “lawyer-centered” model—with … Read more »