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  • Step-Parent Obligations to Pay Child Support

    It can be surprising to stepparents to learn that they could have a child support obligation for a stepchild in the event of a separation. However, in a society where blended families are common, this is a very prevalent issue. The Child Support Guidelines provide that where a spouse against whom a … Read more »

  • The Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) To Be Proclaimed Into Force

    On October 19, 2021, after an over ten-year delay, Ontario not-for-profit business owners will finally see the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) proclaimed into force. What is ONCA intended to do? ONCA is intended to replace the existing Ontario Corporations Act (OCA) (which currently g … Read more »

  • E-Scooters, Helmets, and Liability

    Ottawa now has 1,200 electric scooters on its streets under the City of Ottawa 2021 pilot project. E‑scooters are similar to manual kick scooters, however, instead of being powered by the rider, they are powered by an electric motor, capable of speeds of up to 20 kilometres an hour. There are three … Read more »

  • Mandatory Vaccination Policies and Condominium Corporations

    From mandatory masks to mandatory lockdowns, few people could have pictured just how far-reaching the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic would be. Most recently, Ontario universities, federal transportation providers and the Canadian government have announced the enforcement of mandatory vaccinat … Read more »

  • The Divisional Court’s Decision in Morningstar Shines Light on Right to Sue Applications

    The WSIB regime operates much like an insurance policy against claims of workplace injury. Where an employer is covered under WSIB, employees cannot sue their employer for workplace injuries. Rather, injured workers must pursue their claims through the WSIB. In 2018, the WSIB broadened the types of … Read more »